Paradigm specializes in

delivering customized solutions

to meet the unique requirments of

certification and licensure programs.

We support secure remote proctoring,

event testing and dedicated test center

administration. Specialty services areas include

 ADA test accommodations, test security, and  psychometrics.


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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

  • Review of ADA-related accommodations requests
  • Corporate accessibility consultation 
  • Training, education, and research

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Test Development and Psychometrics

Test Development & Psychometrics

  • Job analysis, item-writing, standard setting
  • Classical, IRT, & MDT, scoring equating
  • Training, education and research

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Test Integrity & Security Services

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Prosecution

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Test Development and Psychometrics
Consulting and Expert Panel Systems

Consulting & Certification Management Solutions

  • CBT transitions
  • National accreditation
  • Game-changing CMS technology

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Learning & Assessment Integration

  • Assessment
  • Diagnostics
  • Directed learning
  • Certification & licensure testing

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Learning and Assessment Integration

About Our Team

Committed to putting our clients first!

Paradigm Testing assures programs have access to the most current technology, experienced testing professionals, and innovative solutions. Paradigm offers multiple test delivery and proctoring options, and comprehensive testing and psychometric services. Whether it’s online testing, with or without remote proctoring, or Paradigm Testing’s unique CBT Event Testing model using tablets, pop-up test sites, and on-site proctors, Paradigm has a solution to meet various program requirements.   Paradigm’s unique offering of test sites include extensive movie theater and college networks, and customer point-of–service locations, to bring exams to the candidates in schools, workplaces, conferences and community locations.  

Internationally, Paradigm administers paper and CBT exams through partnerships with global organizations that understand the country-specific challenges of delivering secure exams, and can secure qualified venues and invigilators.   Paradigm Testing’s leadership team is composed of top professionals from the high-stakes testing industry, and the company’s strategic partners are leaders in their respective specialty areas.

Steve Barkley

Founder and CEO

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Rudner

Chief of Psychometric & Research

Lance J. Welter

Chief Customer Officer

Tom Bowen

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Clive Roberts, Ph.D.

Language Consultant

Dr. John Hosterman

Chief of Accessibility Services

A. Benjamin (Ben) Mannes

Test Integrity & Security Consultant

Eric Littles

Eric Littles

Manager, Test Accommodations

Ron Hanchar


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