More About CBT Event Testing

Advantages of CBT Event Testing with Tablets

Paradigm Testing’s CBT Event Testing with Tablets model combines the added security and efficiencies of computer-based testing (CBT) with virtually unlimited seating capacity, enabling test sponsors to test on their preferred test administration dates, and eliminating the need for extended testing windows or continuous testing.

CBT Event testing provides additional cost savings by reduced item-bank size requirements and the security risks associated with content exposure across multiple administrations.


Paradigm Testing’s CBT Event Testing model retains the use of trained, on-site proctors/invigilators who are responsible for the check-in and verification of candidates, management of the testing session, and active monitoring of candidate behavior throughout the examination process. Use of biometrics, video monitors or other security enhancements are optionally available.

Test Site Options

Partner Movie Theater Network. Paradigm Testing partners with Regal Entertainment Group to utilize an extensive network of more than 600 movie theater locations, repurposed and reconfigured for use as secure testing sites. The theaters provide a convenient, accessible, quiet and comfortable testing environment, on desirable testing dates.

Community College Network. Paradigm Testing partners with NISOD, a membership organization representing more than 325 community colleges and technical schools across the U.S. and Canada, and some internationally to identify and schedule auditoriums and classrooms appropriate for secure test delivery.

Customer Point-of-Service Locations. Paradigm Testing’s tablet-based CBT Event Testing brings testing opportunities to where candidates are located including schools, workplace settings and corporate facilities. Annual meetings and conferences also provide opportunities for convenient certificate/certification testing.