Test Development & Psychometric Services


Starting a new testing program? Need tools or assistance with item writing or the preparation of your test forms? Paradigm Testing is ready to help.

For new programs, Paradigm Testing can assist you with:

  • Job Analysis Surveys

  • Focus Groups

  • Content Validation

  • Test Blueprints and Specifications

Paradigm Testing also has the tools and staffing to also help you with:

  • Remote Item Authoring

  • Item-banking

  • Test Form Assembly


Paradigm Testing provides a full range of psychometric and research services to develop and score reliable, valid and legally defensible exams, and help programs become more efficient and effective.

Comprehensive testing and psychometric services are available as bundled services, or a-la-carte.

Exam Scoring & Results Reporting, Total and Sub-Scale Scoring:

  • Scaled Scores

  • Diagnostic Reports

Item Analysis:

  • Classical Test Theory, Rasch, IRT, and MDT

  • Vertical Scaling

  • Equating Multiple Test Forms

  • Bias and Adverse Impact Analysis

Feasibility Investigations:

  • Optimal test length/shortening the test Computer-based Testing (CBT)

  • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

  • Alternative Psychometric Models & Scoring Methods

Evaluation of Quality & Consistency:

  • Evaluating Test Questions

  • Evaluating Total Scores

  • Determine Expected Consistency

  • Evaluate The Role of Guessing on Your Test

  • Assist with Vendor Relations

  • Design Field-testing Plans

  • Evaluate Field Test Results

  • Provide Feedback to Item Writers

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