Corporate Accessibility Consultation

Ensuring full accessibility of a high-stakes test is complicated. Many factors need to be considered when
developing—or retrofitting—a test, in order to be fully accessible, particularly to test candidates with
sensory impairments. In some cases, a smaller testing organization may only rarely receive an
accommodations request from a candidate with a sensory disability, and as such, the organization may
want to consider a “one-off” solution that would meet a specific candidate’s accessibility needs, without
a massive investment of time and dollars. We can help you navigate these issues.
In other cases, a larger testing organization may have frequent accommodations requests from
candidates with sensory, mobility, or other disabilities, and may need to develop item-types or forms of
their exam that are accessible. We can provide guidance in this area, and help ensure that you have a
plan that will meet both legal obligations and accessibility needs, as well as be practical, efficient, and

There are other critical issues to keep in mind. How will test accessibility impact the validity of the test?
To what extent is the testing organization required to make a fundamental alteration to their exam,
such that the credential that is earned is no longer meaningful to future organizations or employers?
What about test security—will accessibility modifications result in security gaps and an increased risk of
content exposure? These are all issues that we have extensive experience working through, and we can